The Merini company and the cosmetic line for animals Over Linens

Company MERINI is born to Rome in 1990 in the field of the pet and of the toelettatura, with passing of the years we have caught a glimpse and felt the need of products and services nearer our delicate, that is anallergici requirements on the skin the operator and the hair of the animal, that they carry to the same result of annoying products but more works them. Not for protagonismo reasons but after to have had various problems of skin on our hands, it stews to use highly produced acids we have begun to produce for our requirements of the products to natural base. Leaving from this particular one, thanks to the quality of the product and the costanza in the search of delicate ingredients we are lieti to introduce to all the


Cosmetic line for animals Over Linens


one new cosmetic line for animals, a line of natural, delicate products and anallergici for the hygiene and the cure of the domestic animals In the situated one you will be able to find beyond alla presentation of our products dedicates you to the hygiene of our animals, useful news on the ancient art of the toelettatura, curiosities and link.


The Over company linens srl has launch franchising a legacy to the toelettatura, called Modern Toelettatura Group of which they make part professionals of the field various whom they operate in various cities of Italy. Every organized several associate frequently participates to stage and/or the course every year entirety to A.C.P.T. Associazione Culturale Professione Toelettatura. ...