The Over company linens srl

has launch franchising a legacy to the toelettatura, called Modern Toelettatura Group of which they make part professionals of the field various whom they operate in various cities of Italy. Every organized several associate frequently participates to stage and/or the course every year entirety to A.C.P.T. Cultural association Toelettatura Profession. Every member is loving of the animals and boasts an accumulated technical baggage with experience is in the school dell' A.C.P.T for via of the continuous cultural exchanges between associates of the same one.

To be member of the Modern Toelettatura Group means:

To belong to a group of persons joined with attempt to increase the culture of the toelettatura to the final customers.

To work in optimal way so as to safeguard the health of the animals and to cure of at best own hygiene to inside of the families carrying to acquaintance the owners of the animals in order as an example to diminish the risks of eventual problems of cohabitation with they (Parasites, characterial Education and management of animal). To participate to course and stage organized with to the best professionals of the field; in order to not only improve own technical capabilities but also those cultural ones modernized with continuous exchanges between the several members of the group. To be connected through Internet with the school in order to overwhelm eventual gaps in immediate times.

It enters to make part of the group in franchising:

Modern Toelettatura Group 

Affiliated to we you will be able to open yours toeletta with our brand, your future group. You will have the advantage to join to our initiatives, ours stages, refresher course ours; you will be able uniformarti to other associates in all Italy with which to exchange acquaintances.

You will have the possibility to walk in your road supported from the force of the group, will have approached the financings and conditions details with operating within the national health service banks with the group, your publicity will make part of a solid group of young having entrepreneurs fine the municipality to carry to optimal levels our profession.

We will form with a net not in competition where everyone of we will manage its toeletta in complete autonomy having used but of an only brand that will be the synonym of seriousness, education, emergency and service dell' optimal carried out job.

You will use of the products to our brand detailed fruit of our continuous market researches of optimal quality and prices for the group.

By means of our experience in the field, you will be followed and guided towards a healthy and optimal job not incurring in banal errors in which it can be incurred and beginning professional activity.

What aspects? It calls to more soon also only for information.