Grooming SCHOOL

The Over line linens By Merini is also Grooming School

It executes learning course propedeutici towards the noble art for students to the first crews. Refresher course for those who has exercised in passed or they are felt uncertain. Stages correct to you with to international champions of toelettatura.
The toelettatura course has a duration of three months and it is carried out in:

Washing of the animal
Ironing and snodatura of the hair
Exercises on the formulation and technique of the scissors
Tosatura to small car
Correct use of the products and the appropriate techniques for every type of mantle
Sfoltitura of the hair
Cut to scissors
Coloration of the hair
Preparation extension and standard of every canine and feline race

The lessons come held in an aesthetic center for dogs and cats operating in the zone more one centers them than having Rome surface of mq 150 of property of the company Merini Over linens.
The course comes carried out from the toelettatrice Olive enrolled Nelly A.C.P.T. Association Toelettatori Professionals, that it boasts an enormous technical baggage on the noble art of the toelettatura that puts to disposition to all its students.
During the course the student will learn to converse with the customer, to advise it for the more suitable type of toelettatura for its dog, to manage a business activity them.

To the end of the course it will come given a certificate.

For information on the course telephone calls to the n° 339 6283727